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What’s new on the platform?

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Physically accurate synthetic images generated on the Platform. is a PaaS for generating physics-based synthetic data for AI training and validation.

Physically accurate synthetic images generated on the Platform.

TLDR: We’re excited to share that we’ve released a major update to the Platform. In this release, we are addressing usability improvements for easier synthetic data channel configuration, the capability to store user and 3rd party content in shareable Volumes, and account management tools to fit enterprise user needs.

In this release, the most obvious change you’ll encounter is a new landing page that provides immediate access to your organization’s collaborative resources such as Workspaces, Channels, and GAN Models.

You’ll also access new features such as Graph validation and the ability to drag and drop assets from Volumes into Graphs, which make configuring synthetic data jobs even easier in our web interface.

Finally, you’ll experience some account and subscription workflow updates. Most significantly, all of our current free users who may have run out of compute time will be switched to a 30-day Developer Subscription, allowing them to continue using at an even higher compute tier to try out our changes and updates!

Easier access to your organization’s resources

Immediate access to organization resources on the landing page

After signing in, you will be able to explore a brand new landing page that improves the ability to manage your organization’s resources. You can now create, edit, delete, and update Annotation Maps, GAN Models, Channels, and Volumes and also view the resources that have been shared with your organization using the corresponding resource’s table.

What’s new on the platform?,

New organization resources landing page.

What’s new on the platform?,

Browse through the Channels organization resources table.

Note that you will have to add resources into your desired Workspace in order to use the resource, as demonstrated in the image below.

What’s new on the platform?,

Add a Volume to a Workspace.

Workspace Volumes with Channel support for adding Volumes into the Graph Editor

This release introduces Workspace Volumes, which are storage partitions that you can add to your Workspace for 3D model or 3D asset uploads and are useful for quickly prototyping with your preexisting channel during Graph editing. Once a 3D model has been uploaded into a Workspace Volume, you can add the model directly into a graph and link it up like a node. Workspace Volumes are much like Package Volumes in that they are owned by an organization, but the main difference is that they are added and removed to the Workspace like a Channel. In addition, Workspace Volumes can only be used through the UI during Graph Editing.

What’s new on the platform?,

Manage Volumes from your Workspace.

Workspace Volumes are useful for enabling you to create and add 3D assets directly from your organization and manage the assets without using a package or the SDK. They can also be shared easily across Workspaces or other Organizations. This type of Volume will require the Channel to upgrade to use a loader to process the files. Support documentation for implementing the loader can be found here.

What’s new on the platform?,

Add a Volume to your graph as a node on the Graph Editor.

Graph Validation support on Channels

This release also introduces Graph Validation, so the UI will now show you errors on incorrect node inputs or an incorrect number of links with an alert icon. These alerts will not stop you from previewing or staging or creating jobs and are simply there to guide you during development. This feature will also require your channel to upgrade in order to use it, and you will need to implement the new node schema in your channel and define all of the different input types that are required for your channel nodes. Support documentation for implementing Graph Validation into your channel can be found here.

What’s new on the platform?,

Graph validation alert on the weight node in an Example Channel graph.

Analyses page to navigate through all Analytics jobs

We have added a new Analyses page that you can use to browse all UMAP, GAN, and Analytics jobs as well as view the status. In case any of the jobs fail, you’ll see a red alert pop-up that you can click through and view the logs.

What’s new on the platform?,

New Analyses page.

Debug Analyses errors with viewable logs

Similar to Dataset logs, now you can also view errors on Analyses that have failed. Navigate to any error icon on a job on the Analyses page to view the log.

What’s new on the platform?,

Click on the red alert to view the error log on a failed analysis job.

Updates to support Developers

SDK upgrade to v3.0.0 to support the new changes

Be sure to upgrade the anatools SDK to v3.0.0 so you can be at the latest version of

The SDK now has YOLO annotations and additional functionality for Organization resources to add access to or remove access from other Organizations with these new calls:

  • dump_yolo
  • add_map_organization
  • remove_map_organization
  • add_gan_access
  • remove_gan_access

Channel Developers will need to implement the volume loader node and graph validator schemas using the nodes from the SDK. Support doc for Channel upgrading can be found at the Support Center.

Additional improvements to subscription workflows

Changes to subscription plans

New users signing up on the Platform will be subscribed to the Developer tier for 30 days. The Basic tier is no longer available and all users on Basic will get migrated to the Developer tier. Also, we’ve removed the Microservice language as the Analytics, Annotations, UMAP, and GAN services will be available to all users.


What’s new on the platform?,

New subscription plans.

We’ve added an Enhanced Support Credits section to describe how organizations can spend their credits. Note that some support credits are included with the Enterprise subscription or with custom agreements and customers can purchase additional credits.

What’s new on the platform?,

Details on Enhanced Support Credits.

Subscriptions expiration notifications

Subscriptions are now pre-paid at the start of the month and will expire on non-payment, with organization administrators getting notified about upcoming subscription expiration starting 30 days from the end of their subscription term. We offer a free 30-day subscription for Developer tier subscribers to try out the platform. Refer to our Privacy Policy for data retention information.

What’s new on the platform?,

Expired organization notification for an administrator.

What’s new on the platform?,

Workspaces in expired organizations are inaccessible to all users.

Ability to delete your user account and organization

An admin can delete their existing organization(s), thereby canceling their subscription and unlinking members from the deleted organization.

What’s new on the platform?,

Delete your organization.

To comply with international privacy rules, you can also delete your own user account, which will unlink you from your existing organizations.

What’s new on the platform?,

Delete your user account.

*Please note that the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy have also been updated in this release.

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