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Helping Customers Overcome Data Bias, Gaps, and Costs for AI/ML Training was established after the realization that many industries were about to explode with massive investments in hardware-intensive imagery collection and analysis.  Without the ability to access data during the design and development process, organizations are unable to validate analysis pipelines and business models before launching expensive hardware, sometimes literally, into the market. From space-based satellite imaging to manufacturing and security inspection, computer vision hardware and applications are proliferating across every industry. Relying on collected data alone carries risks and costs due to dataset biases and real data is simply not available for new sensors and platforms.

Simulating sensor behavior and data output is a well-established technique used during the design and inception process for new equipment, but historically was not done at a scale sufficient to generate annotated data for the purpose of training computer vision algorithms. was founded to connect simulation with data generation for computer vision and the team quickly demonstrated the potential for using simulated data to train Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems with customers in the geospatial industry. Along the way, the team observed that simulated, or synthetic, data required an iterative workflow best supported by a platform that could encompass simulation tools, compute management, and domain-specific content.

The platform as a service has been in production since late 2021 and is helping customers across multiple industries and countries to reduce bias and overcome cost and availability issues when training algorithms to solve critical problems.

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Our Vision

A future in which the AI community isn't controlled by its data

Our Mission & Values

We are dedicated to being the driving force behind entirely new types of data that empower faster and better decision-making and insight while fostering an AI community that helps to achieve a fairer and more sustainable future.

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Customer Focus

Above all else, we are here to serve our customers by delivering a quality product. Everything we do supports our customers' success solving problems with computer vision.

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The market and technology move quickly. We invest in the toolset, skills, and mindset that allows us to advise our customers and achieve success as we navigate continuous change.

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Capital Efficiency

Focusing on efficiency requires us to make difficult, but informed choices about how to guide our customers, our partners, and our business to achieve value.

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In data and people, our strength comes from diversity. We value, respect, and seek opportunities to include people from diverse groups in our endeavors.

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We believe in the power of respect for each other, our partners, and our customers. Respect is the foundation for good communication.

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Community Contribution & Impact

Our product and our people are focused on growing the AI community, giving back, helping minimize environmental impact, and helping make customers more sustainable & effective.

Meet Our Team

Nathan Kundtz, Ph.D.

Nathan Kundtz, Ph.D.

CEO and co-founder

Chris Andrews

Chris Andrews

COO & Head Of Product

Stacie Bates

Business Operations Manager

Mark Hogsett

Head of Federal Growth

Ethan Sharrat

Ethan Sharrat

Director of Engineering and co-founder

Duane Harkness

Duane Harkness

Chief Architect and co-founder

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Join our team

Be a part of unlocking limitless potential in computer vision applications

At our colleagues are driven by passion, innovation, and collaboration. We believe in surrounding ourselves with brilliant minds in the field of data science, data engineering, and software development. With a focus on cutting-edge technologies and solutions, you'll have the opportunity to work on groundbreaking projects that shape the future of a rapidly expanding industry.