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Synthetic computer vision data is engineered or simulated data specifically designed to replicate the characteristics of real sensor data.’s platform enables customers to create nearly unlimited fully labeled synthetic datasets for vision-based ML and AI applications.

Our expertise lies in helping customers to design and implement synthetic data applications that result in physically-accurate pixel and video content with 100% accurate annotation. We have helped diverse customers from satellite imagery consumers to medical, transportation, and security monitoring organizations.

Generate Simulated Data at Scale in the Cloud

Through a combination of easy-to-use web experience, open APIs and SDKs, and the power of cloud infrastructure, the platform puts tools for data generation, post processing, and dataset comparison in the hands of data science teams to enable them to create synthetic data that works for their project needs.

3D Simulation

Synthetic data generation starts by attempting to answer the question: What would be the ideal dataset needed to solve a problem? From that starting point, a digital twin of the sensor, sensor platform, scenarios, and environment are created to be able to simulate sensor data collection of imagery and video.

SAR Images from

Physics-based Accuracy for Algorithms that Perform in the Real World

A synthetic data platform enables users to start with their best understanding of required data characteristics, then incorporate industry-standard simulation packages, 3D and 2D content, and computer graphics effects to create imagery and video that accurately emulate real sensor data capture.

Tools for Enhancing and Evaluating Synthetic Imagery

Using out-of-the-box platform tools for domain adaptation and dataset comparision, data science teams can investigate and iteratively improve datasets to attempt to create algorithms that perform as desired.

Synthetic Data,
synthetic data interface

Collaboratively Manage Resources

Synthetic data generation is a team sport. With group-based collaboration built into our platform, users can share 3D models, annotation mapping files, dataset configurations, and much more.

Helping You Achieve Success With Synthetic Data Synthetic SAR image - Synthetic Aperture Radar

Replicate Real Data, Increase Diversity

Take advantage of our expertise in 3D modeling and simulation skills for synthetic data design, onboarding with our platform, professional services, and custom educational resources.

Synthetic Data,

Built to Generate Data at Scale

Use a purpose-designed experience on top of industry-standard cloud infrastructure for collaborative dataset generation, management, and distribution.

Synthetic Data,

Integrated into your Data Pipeline

Access and connect to open SDKs and APIs for configuring and generating dataset runs from remote systems, then retrieve datasets automatically when complete.