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What role does synthetic data play in the intersecting worlds of satellite data collection and artificial intelligence?’s CEO, Nathan Kundtz, recently participated in a panel discussion at the annual Space Capital Summit with Rachael Martin, the Maven Office Director at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), to discuss synthetic data for AI and other cutting-edge technologies. 

Watch the full conversation here.

Michael Sheetz of CNBC moderated this conversation on “Big (Geospatial) Data & AI” which revealed key insights into current technology challenges in the intelligence community, including: 

  • How necessary the introduction of AI is to distill value from billions of data points from satellite collection. 
  • That there is a significant lack of data available for important mission sets in geospatial intelligence. 
  • The need for new assets, like synthetic data, to support AI and advanced detection simulations that help identify the new ways that adversaries are concealing objects of interest. 

Read CNBC’s article about this panel discussion to learn more about synthetic data and the objectives of Project Maven.  

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